DVR Data Recovery

We specialize in servicing DVR for the purpose of data recovery, even in cases where other IT professionals or low level data recovery methods or providers have been unsuccessful. Our data recovery specialists have seen thousands of cases and can have developed strategies to retrieve data from a wide variety of makes, models, failures and scenarios including, but not limited to:

Unreadable sectors & cyclical redundancy errors.

Electrical damage to circuit boards or other internal drive components.

Malfunctioning and physically damaged head assemblies.

Spindle motor seizures.

Firmware corruption.

Minor surface damage to platter surfacess.

Fire & flood related damage.

It is important to bear in mind that hard disk drives are not designed with repair in mind. This is one of the reasons why hard disk manufactures will usually offer to replace the defective device for you, but not service it. There are no industry standard manuals for repairing hard disk drive, as most manufacturers consider this information to be proprietary and confidential.

With over years of experience in data recovery field, our Data Recovery Specialists possess the level of knowledge and expertise you should want for such an important task. We can assist with recovering data from any internal hard disk drive, whether it is from a server, desktop or laptop computer and regardless which architecture or operating system used.

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